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Gingerich Farms is a 5th generation farm that was established in 1919 located outside Canby, Oregon in the lush Willamette Valley. Since the beginning, the Gingerich family has been farmers first and foremost. We believe in devotion to our land, our crops, our employees, and our community. Gingerich Farms started as a mix of growing rotational crops and raising livestock.  Long-term crops eventually joined the mix and included Christmas trees, blueberries and hazelnuts (locally known as filberts). Gingerich Farms Co. currently grows seed crops, blueberries, and hazelnuts.  Grass and clover seed are grown on contract for domestic and international companies, while blueberries and hazelnuts are grown for domestic marketers with international sales.  The mix of rotational seed crops, long-term blueberry fields, and long-term hazelnut orchards provide diversity in work and joy for the Gingerich family and our employees.

Over time, Gingerich Farms added packing and processing to our activities.  In 1987, our first hazelnut wash line and dryer was built and has continued to be expanded and improved to this day.  Nuts washed and dried in our line are then sent on to George Packing Co. or Northwest Hazelnut Co. for sizing, grading, bagging or additional processing. We receive hazelnut crop from many local farms and have averaged over 6.5 million lbs of hazelnuts per year running through our line since 2013.

Gingerich Farms also began packing blueberries in 1987 and sold them to local markets.  Eventually, blueberry packing and sales were reorganized under Gingerich Farms Products, Inc.  Today, we custom pack fresh blueberries for 3rd party marketers that we’ve teamed up with.  We process frozen blueberries and market our own wholesale 30 lb packs.  Our blueberry pack house is a sustainable building that was completed in 2008.  Our long history packing blueberries has taught us the importance of staying up-to-date with equipment technology in order to produce the best quality products we can.

The Gingerich Farms family and employees put great effort towards our work and partnering with other vital marketing companies in order to provide better returns to the local grower. After all, we are farmers first!

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